A “Giclee” is a fine art print made with a high-end inkjet printer. In the giclee printing process the artwork is captured, proofed and printed digitally. These prints are reproduced using incredibly precise printers, with archival inks and paper. Giclee prints are being recognized by the world’s leading galleries and museums as the finest reproductions available to date.

The word “Giclee” was coined in the early years of digital printmaking. It was derived from the French word “gicler” which means to spray or squirt a liquid. The term was developed so that artists, galleries and dealers would not have to market their prints under the generic label of “inkjet” prints. The term is meant to be applied only to archival digital prints made with fine inks, art paper or canvas.

Most of my kimonos are available in giclee print, in the following image sizes: